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    Retriving the latitude & longitiude of the current position

    I was following the example to retrive the location from the link :-

    But in this link when user put the command to retrieve the location it calls the function

    void CLocationExampleEngine::ActivateGpsL().

    After that in side this function

    we are initializing the pointer of CLocationExamplePositionRequestor.

    if (!iPositionRequestor)
    iPositionRequestor = CLocationExamplePositionRequestor::NewL(KUpdateInterval,*this);

    but here in this function when i am debugging i am getting error on the line

    if (!iPositionRequestor)

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    Re: Retriving the latitude & longitiude of the current position

    if you get errors, you should actually descripe the error in details, best would be if you can write the panic note shown when it crashes.

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    Re: Retriving the latitude & longitiude of the current position

    If you get KERN-EXEC 3 when accessing an innocent member variable, it may indicate that the object itself (CLocationExampleEngine) does not exist. It is possible to invoke any non-virtual methods on a null/invalid pointer, because the method bodies are present all the time. The leave/exception arises when member variables are getting accessed.
    But of course I still strongly disagree with your habit of not showing the error codes.

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