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    Problem with obtain data with GPS Nokia C5-00

    Hi and i'm sorry for my English. I try build track app. I have this problem: when I try launch this example on my device:


    i get on the screen: "allow app to use positioning data" i check "allow for this session" and later nothing happen. In place where should be value coordinates i have N/A or nothing, but I do not get any exception. I try go OUTSIDE, but nothing helped. In emulator everything is working properly.

    My device is Nokia C5-00. I haven't money on my account so i everywhere set criteria.setCostAllowed on false.

    Device GPS is working good because when i launch preinstalled app "Menu/Applications/GPS Data" and next "Position" after 20-30 seconds i see on the screen latitude, longitude, accuracy etc. And in this same time i get sms with message"you do not have funds in your account" so in my opinion coordinates are taken only with GPS without support internet. I hope you understand my problem.

    I try set criteria to minimum - but with no effect.

    What i doing wrong?
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