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    Question Question about app payment


    I have few questions about app payments. QA published my app few days ago, and I set free price, now I want to set 1 euro price. I currently have Visa Virtuon credit card registered on individual person, not company or organization, so will Visa Virtuon be acceptable for receiving money for each app purchase. Am I need to pay on aditional expenses, such as fee's, VAT or etc, after I paid 1 euro for Nokia developer account. Or the scheme is easy I pay 1 euro for developer account, than QA reviewing it and publish it to Nokia store, I only need to wait for incomes? I asking it because I read that you need to be Legal personality (Compnay or organization representative), and pay for additional taxes, and when my overall app purchases will be 100 euros I need to sign and send some papers to Nokia. So my question is what I need to recieve income from my app's and what expenses I need to pay on. And finally after I paid 1 euro for developer account I will not pay anything, and will just recieve income from my apps? Please describe those moments more clearly if it's possible. Thanks in advance!

    In bank information tab I wrote my e-mail in "Remittance advice" graph, is it correct?

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    Re: Question about app payment

    The credit card is only about validating your identity. You will get the payments to a bank account. http://www.developer.nokia.com/Resou...nkdetails.html

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