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    CIMD Receive SMS code in java required

    Hi Experts,

    Im doing Application Performance Management for a telecom giant where in im testing the perfrmance of VAS services by sending and receiving the messages.Im able to send the smses via pc thru cimd protocol using java code but some how im not able to receive the smses.I have checked on smsc the smses are still in queue there.Kindly provide a Receive code via cimd in JAVA or guiline to code it.

    THanks And Regards,
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    Re: CIMD Receive SMS code in java required

    This Nokia forum is primarily for mobile Java (JME) app development for Nokia's phones, and not about direct PC to SMSC connectivity issues using Java (JSE or JEE).

    The telcom giant's (whomever it is) SMSC provider (whomever it is) presumably have developer documentation and examples, which you can use for PC-side connectivity to their SMSC. To that effect, you should ask your connections at the telcom giant (from whomever you've received this task/project) to tell you whose SMSC they are using, and ideally to also provide you with all the developer information related to their SMSC that you require. If the telecom giant is unable to help/support you directly, ask them to give you access to their designated support channels by the SMSC vendor, as the SMSC vendor - surely - must be able to support you for issues with their product.

    In other words, there might not be the right kind of expertise here.

    Also note that if the SMSC is by Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), then it is unlikely that any NSN personnel or product specialists hang out here, as this site is for Nokia phone content/app developers, and not network infrastructure element/system developers. Therefore, going through the telecom giant, and the SMSC supplier's support channels would be advisable.

    Of course, there is also a chance that there are people familiar with the CIMD protocol here, but in that case without you showing actual code (what you're trying to do), and explaining exactly what happens (server responses, error codes, etc.), it is also then very hard for someone to say what's wrong with what you're trying to do. In addition, it is quite possible that information about the specific SMSC is also required (who's product it is, what version, etc.).

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