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    QR10/ Radio off when camera on

    Dear All,

    I make an application to download and play mp4 video in nokia 311. I try to run the FM radio before running the application. when the application download video and then play the video. FM radio is off or muted. after the application finished playing videos downloaded and stop the video. FM radio back on.
    how to turn off the FM radio before the application starts playing the video. so that when the application finishes playing a video and turn it off, FM radio remains off or silent
    thank you..


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    Re: QR10/ Radio off when camera on

    AFAIK - FM Radio control API's are not exposed for 3rd party J2me developers for now.... so our j2me app cannot switch off FM radio.

    As a work around try -if your app is playing some audio file... FM radio should remain off/silent.... and you can play a silent audio file as soon as your video download & payback is over.... till the app is not switched off... to avoid FM radio coming back..
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    Re: QR10/ Radio off when camera on

    thank you im2amit for your idea. :-)

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