I am developing J2ME app using NetBeans; I am created one List of menu using 'List' control. In that list there is a one menu named as Map. For this Map menu, I want to add an icon. I tried to do this & code is -

Image Mainlistmap;
        Mainlistmap = Image.createImage("/src/map.png");
catch(Exception ex)
I have stored my entire project in following ditectory- E:\MScIT Part 2\MobileLocationReminder
MobileLocationReminder folder is project folder contains all the stuffs of project such as src folder, dist folder, build folder, nbproject folder, build.xml file

I have stored icon in src folder of & icon name is map.png and size is 30X33.

I want to display a map.png icon to Map menu in the list.... but after doing all these things it is not giving me a desired result.

Then Where do i store an image icon to access my project correctly & what path should be given to access an image in project????