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    Bing Maps Imagery EDU and Research Use

    I'm searching for point of contact concerning the use of imagery used in Bing maps for educational and research purposes. Google/GeoEye have a program that will donate imagery that for non-profit/research purposes and I would like to find out if the MS/NAVTEQ/NOKIA Bing imagery has a similar program.

    I've contacted Microsoft who in turn handed me off to NAVTEQ who sent me to NOKIA. If anyone has possible information about whom I might contact, I would appreciate it!


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    Re: Bing Maps Imagery EDU and Research Use

    For Bing maps, you would need to contact Microsoft. Bing maps are/were used with Windows Phone 7.

    With Windows Phone 8 onwards the Maps are basically bit more Nokia, and the data is supposedly NAVTEQ one. I would suggest that you check the location API section here, and sent PM to Jason Fox, he should be able to find out any needed contacts for maps.

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    Re: Bing Maps Imagery EDU and Research Use

    Thanks for the info. I was suspecting that this might be an endless circle of "contact...." I'll PM Jason and see if I can narrow my search some.



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