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    platfromRequest problem

    hi i created a class where it displays a browser when we click on a button that button invokes a url...and that url is sent to platformRequest method but the problem is when i run it on nokia 2.0 emulator..suddenly a message errupts saying
    "nokia 2.0 for java has stopped working"
    "a problem caused the program to stop working correctly"

    ..can any help me out solving this problem.
    i checked with url and few urls work and few are not working properly.
    Regards Rahul

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    Re: platfromRequest problem

    It might be a URL encoding issue, see you don't have any blanks at both the ends of the URL and they are working fine on your PC browser on which you are running the emulator.
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    Re: platfromRequest problem

    If you deal with URL parameters, have you escaped them properly?

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