I'm trying to migrate from Bing WP7 map to WP8 map.

1) Microsoft.Phone.Maps.Controls.Map exposes ViewChanging and ViewChanged events. I'd expect them to fire when I pan the map. That does not happen.

WP7 Bing map fires ViewChangeStart and ViewChangeEnd, ONCE per each view manipulation. My application hooks to latter and then draws content on the map. How would I implement this with WP8 map?

You can test WP8 events with MapEvents sample which is included in Windows Phone 8 Maps Examples. Sources: http://projects.developer.nokia.com/...d29&format=zip

2) How do you access map bounding rectangle (extents)?

WP7 Bing Map provides BoundingRectangle property which allows accessing map WGS84 bounds. I need that information for fetching content to be drawn on the map.

3) About CenterChanged and ZoomLevelChanged events: Why don't event arguments contain any data related to event (i.e. resulting center / zoom level)?

I asked these questions on Microsoft Dev Forum. They told me to continue here as "The new map system was supplied by Nokia".