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    Cool How to develop a symbian c++ application with netbean

    Does any one know how to develop a symbian app or game with netbean in c++
    I prefer use netbean. I found a way in j2me but no luck in c++.
    I did some search but haven't find a solution yet.
    Carbide is good but I don't like the workspace.It would be great if I could use netbean.
    Any one please help. give me a link or some things associated.
    thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to develop a symbian c++ application with netbean

    For Symbian if you want to developer with Symbian C++, you generally must use Carbide as an IDE. For Qt C++ you would be using QtSDK provided in here.

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    Re: How to develop a symbian c++ application with netbean

    thanks symbianyucca.
    I'm using carbide but I don't like workspace. I have to switch around workspace (same reason lead me to hate eclipse, too). I mean that in netbean, I could put my project to any location I want without having to create a workspace. then switch to new workspace.
    I just ask if any chance to use netbean instead of carbide. (if any plug in available for netbean)
    I don't see the reason as I must use carbide. in some article, it said that I could use codewarrior or VS 2005 instead. (but it's commercial :d)
    any way thanks.
    if any one know how, please guide me.

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    Re: How to develop a symbian c++ application with netbean

    Tools of Symbian C++ SDK can be used from command line, so theoretically you can call it from Netbeans too. If there is some C++ support package for Netbeans (I mean some counterpart of CDT in Eclipse world), you can try if it manages to parse the messages, provide code insight/complete, etc. But at the end you will experiment as a single person, while Carbide.c++ is developed for several years by a group of people, as their job. I do not think that it would be worth the effort, especially given the future Symbian has.

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