I work in a very large factory. The workers still get their assignments on paper.

I want to give them a simple and robust mobile device to receive their work instructions, register their hours, close work orders etc. The devices should connect to the server through WLAN. The device should be capable of quickly downloading & opening, editing, saving & uploading an Excel file. This file would not contain a lot of data as such, but will have a small color image.

I have some experiences in on ERP-systems, but this is mostly new to me. I need a ball-park idea of costs, to get the ball rolling with my employer.

Can anyone recommend me a device? Initial tests would only be a few dozen, if succesful we would need up to a thousand. I expect high attrition rates, so cost would be an issue.

How much work would it be to develop apps for a mobile phone to be used as a simple workstation in MS Access? Ball-park idea of costs?