Hello Respected Developers,

I am using QLineEdit to enter data for my application and used IAPClient to enable In-App-Purchase.
I have 7 QLineEdit fields to accept user input (i.e. QLE_1, QLE_2, QLE_3, QLE_4, QLE_5, QLE_6, QLE_7).

If I am not creating a new object of IAPClient, then the application opens a text editor with virtual-keyboard for each QLineEdit which overlaps the whole screen and user will be able to see what data he/she is entering.Working fine as user is able to see what text/data is entered

But when I created a new object of IAPClient, then the QLineEdit calls only the Virtual-keyboard and the text editor is not visible. Again the keyboard overlaps on lower part of the screen with some QLineEdit (3 to 4 fields depending on different devices). For example, QLE_4, QLE_5, QLE_6, QLE_7 are hidden under the virtual keyboard and I am trying to enter data for QLE_6. In this case I am not able to see anything while entering.

My target:
I need to move the UI up and down with respect the keyboard
i.e. if the keyboard will come then, I will have to slide the UI upward.
And if the keyboard goes, then I have to slide down the UI to original position.

What I have tried:
I am receiving "textChanged" signal sent by QLineEdit and setting the UI's geometry
this slides the UI upward in the screen.
I tried to receive "returnPressed" signal to set back the UI's geometry
but QLineEdit is not emitting "returnPressed" signal

Is there any other way to achieve my target?

Thanks in advance for any help