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    How create MapPolyline in locationUpdated?

    Hi, i have this problem. I create app to trening. I would like to create a map that shows the current lines of the traveled path. I try do it in method locationUpdated because my class implement LocationListener. When i run my app on the map nothing happens.

    public synchronized void updateMap(Location location) {
            QualifiedCoordinates qc = location.getQualifiedCoordinates();
            GeoCoordinate[] geo = new GeoCoordinate[2];
            geo[1] = new GeoCoordinate(qc.getLatitude(), qc.getLongitude(), 0);
            geo[2] = new GeoCoordinate(lastqc.getLatitude(), lastqc.getLongitude(), 0);
            MapPolyline track = mapFactory.createMapPolyline(geo);
    public void locationUpdated(LocationProvider provider, Location location) {
    I would like to achieve the same effect as here (last image):


    what i doing wrong?
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