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    microedition.smartcardslots is returning only 0C for Dual SIM Phones Nokia 110,112

    Dear All,
    I am trying to read a sim card from the second SIM Slot. I am using Nokia 110, 112 and Nokia Asha 200 dual sim Mobile phones which supports JSR 177 Satsa.

    When I am inserting my Java SIM Card into the Slot 2 for reading the data from it by Midlet, I am getting the IO Exception, Connection Not found.

    I also tried the microedition.smartcardslots property for getting the number of smart card slots available in the Phone, In response I got only 0C but I was expecting it to return 2 slots like 0C,1C or whatever.

    Can any one tell me why it returned only 0C?

    Does these phones supports smart card in only SIM Card slot 1?

    I have to use the External SIM Card slot(slot 2) for reading the SIM Card / Smart Card.

    Any answer will be appriciated.


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    Re: microedition.smartcardslots is returning only 0C for Dual SIM Phones Nokia 110,11

    well a few days back I too had an APP which needed to read contacts from SIMs, when I tried to read contacts from SIM 2 directly, error occur. The reason was quite obvious that you can't access SIM2 until you don't insert SIM card 1. Because these phones don't allow SIM2 to be default SIM card. So you have to put SIM card 1 first, select is as default and then try to access the rest of cards your inserted.

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