Dear All,
I am trying to read a sim card from the second SIM Slot. I am using Nokia 110, 112 and Nokia Asha 200 dual sim Mobile phones which supports JSR 177 Satsa.

When I am inserting my Java SIM Card into the Slot 2 for reading the data from it by Midlet, I am getting the IO Exception, Connection Not found.

I also tried the microedition.smartcardslots property for getting the number of smart card slots available in the Phone, In response I got only 0C but I was expecting it to return 2 slots like 0C,1C or whatever.

Can any one tell me why it returned only 0C?

Does these phones supports smart card in only SIM Card slot 1?

I have to use the External SIM Card slot(slot 2) for reading the SIM Card / Smart Card.

Any answer will be appriciated.