Congratulations to Im2amit, our Poster of the Month for December!

Im2amit has distinguished himself being an all-around expert in various Series 40 technologies and helping out other developers to excel in implementing their apps for Nokia platforms. It's time for us to give something back, and thus, let us all congratulate him on the great job his being doing all this time.

Thanks Im2amit for your impeccable support in Nokia Developer community. Keep on being awesome!




The Nokia Developer Discussion Boards Poster of the Month is based on the quality, camaraderie and to some extent the quantity of responses as judged by the Nokia Developer Moderators. Along with the respect and gratitude of your peers, the Poster of the Month may receive a Nokia Windows Phone device or other device. Having been awarded the Poster of the Month is a very good item to have in your resume if you wish to become a Nokia Developer Champion.