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    developing new platform

    HI everyone!!!!!
    I am new to this community and frankly speaking not much aware about the mobile platform.But I believe Nokia is a a known brand in the world though the market is slowly occupied with android platform..still the nokia got the lover in the market..so can we develop a platform equivalent to andro platform ...much rich ...much easy to use ...with low footprint..with great interface..i bet nokia is going to be back in the market...in india many people love nokia devices than any other devices ..so we can also develop the same kind of platform which can be migrated to linux platform..this will help the user to understand the device easily...now a days people follow apps and interface and speed but if you ppl going to launch the same thing with new platform for mobile devices..more lite and more strong than any other platform ...easily going to rule the market .

    i dont know much about it but i just said it..n i know this will solve nokia is best alwayz....

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    Re: developing new platform

    Hi Naveen,

    Welcome to Nokia Developer Forum.

    If you are planning on developing for Nokia Platform I would recommend you to take a look at S40 series and Lumia. From there, select the platform you think it may suite better your needs / technical requirements, and you are more than welcome to ask any question related to development on each of the specific platform forums.

    You seem to be a Nokia enthusiast, so i'm hoping you become a Nokia Developer enthusiast also

    Have a great new year.

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    Re: developing new platform

    Hello naveen.nworks and welcome to the Nokia Developer Forum,

    As joaocardoso said if you are planning on developing for Nokia platform it is best to focus on S40 or Windows Phone, if you are searching for a platform equivalent to android much rich and much easy to use, then in my opinion Windows Phone is the right one (start here).

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