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    anyone have n950 read this please

    i need n950.
    I know it is illegal to buy or sell
    then how can i get that phone.

    Is there now any contest..or donation


    I need that because i have no pc.thats i cant to develop apps.
    iam going to do online jobs.it needs flashplayer,some apps. in s60 is not usefull.

    if i get n950

    In n950 ubundu, dosbox there to help me.i see that sdk working in that phone.turbo c++,...etc

    now i have to buy e90.but in e90 only i can develop python.

    I need to make some usefull apps in symbian,qt,windows,android, java,..

    IKNOW SOME GOOD PERSONS will help me.

    I dont know is this the place for posting this.sorry if iam wrong

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    Re: anyone have n950 read this please

    The thread is moved to General Discussion now, I really wonder why you would post this into the Feedback board.
    If you get a Nokia N950, legally or illegally does not matter, DOSBox will not help you much. DOSBox does what its name says, emulates an old PC, capable of running DOS. http://www.dosbox.com/wiki/Main_Page is something what you may want to consider reading. No SDK for any mobile device runs under DOS. Turbo C++ or Borland C++ do not support development for mobile devices.
    It is true that there is a chance for running GCC on the Nokia N9/N950, but that will not help you much in itself with building for Qt or Android, and especially not for Windows Phone.

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