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    VCard sent from Android Application not recognized by Nokia Phone.

    I am sending a Vcard from my Android Application to a Nokia Phone(Any basic model say Nokia 1610).
    I knew that Nokia expect all Vcards to arrive from 0x23f4 port. So, I am sending Vcard from this port.
    The code for this is,

    String mess = "BEGIN:VCARD" + "\r\n" + "VERSION:2.1"
    					 + "\r\n" + "N:" + "Sahi" + "\r\n" + "TEL:" +
    					 "+9645857458" + "\r\n" + "END:VCARD";
    sms.sendDataMessage("9646957130" , null, (short) 0x23f4,
    					 Base64.encode( mess.getBytes("ISO-8859-1"),
    					 , null, null);
    Using this, I am able to send the vcard to the Nokia device. It detects and prompts that, "Phone Number Received", but when I open the message, it shows "Message could be displayed". It is either not understanding the format that I am sending in or is there anything extra that I need to put in with the vcard so as to make it understandable by the nokia device.

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    Re: VCard sent from Android Application not recognized by Nokia Phone.

    Try without Base64.

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