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    Symbian Questions

    hello all well im sorry if my thread isn't for this forum but i have some questions and might someone from u help me

    well i have a sony ericsson satio u1i and it has problems with software i think.

    i wanted to upgrade it's software because it uses a symbian.

    what do you think and is this possible ?

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    Re: Symbian Questions

    You would need to ask that from Sony-Ericsson, so check what kind of end-user-support they would offer.

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    Re: Symbian Questions

    Note, however, that Sony-Ericsson is no more (Sony bought out Ericsson), so the new company is Sony Mobile.

    Be also aware that Sony-Ericsson did already some years ago get out of Symbian, and also sold everything related to UIQ to Symbian Ltd, which Nokia acquired. So Nokia owns whatever's left of UIQ, but there are no more UIQ employees/expertise. Nokia did not get/aquire anything that has to do with hardware/firmware/drivers/etc. related to Sony-Ericsson's Symbian based phones.

    In other words, you can ask Sony Mobile about old Symbian based Sony-Ericsson models, but I doubt that you'll get much useful replies or support. You may be able to get user support from Sony's forums, or something.

    Sony Mobile support (contact us) page: http://www.sonymobile.com/gb/support/contact-us/

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