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    Web Apps 3 Media input support in emulator


    I am experimenting with the new Web Apps 3 Beta for the Nokia Asha 501. It supports the integration of the camera into web apps:
    <input type="file" accept="image/*;capture=camera">
    This code opens the native camera app but I do not get the resulting image (using the Asha 501 emulator/simulator). When I change the code to open the gallery, then this works fine.
    Is the camera for Web Apps not supported in the emulator?


    [EDIT] using the Web app simulator it works. It just does not work with the Asha device emulator (where you can debug native apps as well).
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    Re: Web Apps 3 Media input support in emulator

    I'm experimenting with this feature as well. I wouldn't say that using the Web App Simulater "works". For me it simply opens the normal file upload dialog. That gives you zero idea about the ui flow.
    I also tried to test it using the Asha Java simulator, it opens the camera and takes a picture but then there is no way to choose the take picture for downloading.

    If you think about the fact that Nokia announced this device 1.5 months ago, it is REALLY ANNOYING that there is no good way to test a web app for the 501, especially since they added it to the Asha Developer Competition...

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