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    Project won't deploy

    I have a project that will compile and run fine on my phone. But I can't create a .sis file to publish!
    I am using SUBDIRS in a main .pro file. The initial.pro file only contains these lines of code:
    TEMPLATE = subdirs
    CONFIG += ordered
    SUBDIRS += ButtonQmlPlugin/ButtonQmlPlugin.pro
    SUBDIRS += Schwarz.pro
    All of the applications variables like Deployment etc are in the Schwarz.pro file but the publishing wizard wants to put them all in the initial.pro file which doesn't produce an executable .sis

    This is the error I get:
    Running Making SIS file
    C:/QtSDK/Symbian/SDKs/Symbian3Qt474/epoc32/tools/make.exe unsigned_installer_sis
    C:\QtSDK\Symbian\SDKs\Symbian3Qt474\epoc32\tools\make.exe: *** No rule to make target `unsigned_installer_sis'. Stop.

    SIS file not created due to previous errors.

    I really want to publish this project. Thanks for any help

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    Re: Project won't deploy

    The Schwarz.pro project and the ButtonQmlPlugin.pro project will both publish independantly fine. When I deploy them independently to the phone then the Schwarz application will work.

    I think I have an idea of how to work around the publishing wizard problem that I am having with trying to publish the .pro wrapper that uses the SUBDIRS template. I'm thinking of embedding the ButtonQmlPlugin to the Schwarz.pro installer sis as per these instructions:
    I hope that doing this will work with the QT publishing wizard.

    Question: My app is unsigned and I request signing from Nokia. Will Nokia sign the application from me if I embed another sis file?
    Also should all apps in the sis file have the same UID??? These instructions seem to say embedded sis files should have the same UID: http://support.publish.nokia.com/?p=4756&type=alert But since the ButtonQmlPlugin is it's own application shouldn't it have it's own UID?

    Thanks for any help or insight.

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    Re: Project won't deploy

    I am quite sure that an embedded sis file requires a separate UID from that of the package which is embedding it. So you need to request 2 UID's from Nokia to use with your two projects.

    One UID should be there all over in the Schwarz.pro project & another should be used everywhere in the ButtonQmlPlugin.pro project. Since you plan to make Schwarz.pro as installer, then the package should also have the same UID as used in Schwarz project.

    I would also suggest to post your query in the Publish& support section here for more confirmation : http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...to-Nokia-Store

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    Re: Project won't deploy

    Thanks. I found another thread over there that says that embedded .sis files need to be signed.
    I'll rewrite the code to put it all into one application.
    It would be nice if I could upload multiple .sis files and have the store combine them all into one installer for me, just dreaming.

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