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    ECoeWinPriorityHigh issue


    i am using following code to control application on foreground and background.


    this code is work fine on "nokia 5233, N97, N79,N95" BUT on Nokia E-71 this is not working.

    if application is runing in nokia 5233, on incoming call it goes to background(FINE)


    if application is runing in nokia E-71, on incoming call it is not goes to background.

    if i use "ECoeWinPriorityNormal" at the plase of "ECoeWinPriorityHigh" then application goes to background on home key press.

    i want my application should be in foreground but on any incomeing call or msg this should be in background.
    i can do this with "ECoeWinPriorityHigh" but this is not work on E71.

    please help.

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    Re: ECoeWinPriorityHigh issue

    Do you set the priority of your application at the time of incoming call event, if yes then can you make sure that in E71 the control goes to incoming call event case of CTelephony. Though it should be working but just to make sure you can check.

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    Re: ECoeWinPriorityHigh issue

    i am setting priority of application in ConstructL() of AppUi.cpp

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