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    Which IDE and SDK i need download for S60?

    I'm now starting development with the Symbian platform.

    I'll need to create a program for the Nokia 701, from what I understand I need a sdk for S60 version, correct?

    What is the correct sdk for this version? (I found the site of nokia a bit confused, so the development area has information about windows phone or s40).

    It seems that the java symbian has some limitations compared to C + +, java can save the data in a database SQlite?Is it possible to make requests for sending and receiving json?

    I've worked with android, so I wanted to link some of the plugins to use in Eclipse.

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    Re: Which IDE and SDK i need download for S60?

    Quote Originally Posted by malkz182 View Post
    java can save the data in a database SQlite?
    No, it can't. At least in S40. I have the same question on S40 webinars and today is a webinar about a workaround "Working with persistent storage in Series 40 apps: RecordStore class and FileConnection API (Session 1)" http://www.developer.nokia.com/Resou...Webinars.xhtml

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    Re: Which IDE and SDK i need download for S60?

    The Nokia 701 is a Symbian Belle (in fact, FP1) device, you can get the related SDK from https://www.developer.nokia.com/info..._One_SDKs.html
    Eclipse is the suggested IDE, the release notes will tell if there are any restrictions (version, language, etc.)
    There is no built-in DB support in Java ME, not even on Symbian. But Symbian itself has built-in database support.
    JSON parsing is possible, you can find related discussions around and article(s) in the Wiki.
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