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    Question Ovi app behaves differently than locally compiled version (Digia Remote Camera)

    I am trying to send email from my N9 without user intervention. After failing over and over I decided to try to find an open source app that did it so that I could examine the source code. The one I chose was Digia's example of a Remote Camera: http://store.ovi.com/content/275567.

    I obtained the source from https://gitorious.org/remote-camera, opened it in QtCreator (latest stable version but I can't remember the version number). After answering the questions about creating files for Harmattan, etc., I compiled it without problems.
    I was then rather disappointed to find that when I ran it on my N9 that I got exactly the same message in the console as I had with my own code. The message was from the send function and said that it could not find the default account.

    When I installed the binary from the Ovi store it worked perfectly.

    So what am I missing?
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