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    MH5 Get Current location

    With Chrome, this HTML5 code works fine by itself and with JQuery Mobile, but in my application that uses JQUery Mobile and Nokia HTML5 map, it times out (error code=3).
    With Firefox and IE it works fine in all cases. Also as noted in a separate thread, the "Get current position" icon is not displayed on the map in Chrome.

    function get_current_location(){
            // timeout at 60000 milliseconds (60 seconds)
            var options = {timeout:10000, enableHighAccuracy:false};
            navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(showLocation, errorHandler, options);
            alert("Sorry, browser does not support geolocation!");
    function showLocation(position) {
        var latitude = position.coords.latitude;
        var longitude = position.coords.longitude;
        alert("Latitude : " + latitude + " Longitude: " + longitude);
    function errorHandler(err) {
        //   0: unknown error
        //   1: permission denied
        //   2: position unavailable (error response from locaton provider)
        //   3: timed out
        if(err.code == 0)
            alert("Unknown error while getting current location!");
        else if(err.code == 1)
            alert("Access is denied while getting current location!");
        else if( err.code == 2)
            alert("Error: Position is unavailable!");
        else if( err.code == 3)
            alert("Error: Timed out while getting current location!");
    Is there any reason why it shouldn't work in Chrome?
    Is there another way to do this?

    Last edited by tomgiam; 2013-01-11 at 03:56. Reason: Problem is only with Chrome.

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