HI Team,

Thanks in advance for reading and answering this post.

We need the solution on an urgent basis. I have developed an app in j2me. In this, We created a class extended from "Form" and in that form we have added 3 imageitem. say :-

Image button_prev = null;
button_prev = Image.createImage("/1.png");

btnPreview = new ImageItem(null, button_prev, ImageItem.LAYOUT_CENTER, "Preview");
btnPreview.addCommand(new Command("", 1, 2));

and on commandaction we have written the code as we required like ....

public void commandAction(Command cmnd, Item item) {
ImageItem img_item = (ImageItem) item;
System.out.println("home screen ::: "+img_item.getAltText());
//req work here

now the problem is :- on keypad handsets the code is running fine. But when we run the same build on pure touch handsets, and when we touch on the imagebutton nothing happend. I have tested the same build on nokia x6 and on nokia asha 311. When tested on x6, we have notice that in that form , a select button comes. when we touch on any of imageitem nothing happend but when touch on "select", its working. But on nokia asha 311 , no select button appears and we are unable to go inside as touch on imageitem is not working. Can you please tell us what we should do , so that whenever we touch on any of imageitem (3 imageitems that we have appended in form) it gets work accordingly. As we know that in j2me all high level component should work automatically on touch handsets as well. No need to write any code but why it is not working.