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    Max JAR size changed Nokia S40 Developer Platform 2.0

    Hi S40 folks

    I was trying to install J2ME application to Asha 308. JAR size was near 3 Mb and the strange thing that device successfully installed application !!!
    The most strange thing that application was application to run on device without any problem.

    Is max JAR size changes for these category of devices? as device specification page say it's 2 Mb

    Please anyone have piece of info share it. as I was to start publishing application and I am worry from Nokia Store or same category other devices or this is a bug in device firmware that gonna to be fixed in further releases


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    Re: Max JAR size changed Nokia S40 Developer Platform 2.0

    These numbers are probably more of a safety margin than an exact value (however in the Store they may still be treated as exact values). Having a glance at some DP2 devices, the Nokia Asha 308 and many others have 64 megabytes of RAM, the Nokia Asha 311 seems to have even 128. However the Nokia Asha 305 has only 32, and it is still a DP2 device.
    You may want to try your application on some more devices, especially on an Asha 305 (if you want to support it). Unfortunately RDA does not seem to help in this case.

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    Re: Max JAR size changed Nokia S40 Developer Platform 2.0

    If the file size unit (Mb) you mentioned is correct,it is very proper.

    Because the maximum JAR size of Asha 308 is 2 MB(Mega Byte).


    1 Byte = 8 bit

    So the maximum JAR size of Asha 308 is 16 Mb(Mega bit).

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