I have published an app with an in-application-purchase in the store, it has been published for 6 days now and has been getting lots of downloads and I have made a purchase myself, and have been told of a number of purchases happening yet I am not seeing any revenue on my statistics. I can see all the downloads fine on my statistics.
I have sent an email to Nokia and am waiting a reply but I have one question I'd like to ask here:

I have downloaded the app from the store and the content in the drm file is not encrypted and the IAP_VARIANTID.TXT file still has six zeros in it. Is it possible that I have a fully working IAP application that accepts payments but that I have missed a step that is required during publication that is preventing revenue from being assigned to me?

Is 6 days to long to wait after a purchase for purchase statistics to start appearing?
By the way the DRM content not being encrypted has not effected the running of my app because I *also* do my own purchase verification besides checking the DRM.