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    MH5 Framework (Listener Function): Lumia 920 Pinch to zoom + Panning issue


    There is an issue I have come across specifically related to the Lumia 920/Windows Phone 8. This issue is not there for Windows Phone 7.5/7.8, Android or iOS.

    I have noticed that if I use the mh5 listener function "mapzoomchange", there is an unusual behavior occurring when zooming in or out. What happens is, that if a user is pinching to zoom either in or out, and they decide to pan the map prior to all the map tiles being loaded, the user is stuck in zooming in or out despite using one finger to try to pan the map. When I remove the mapzoomchange listener, this behavior is not present.

    listeners: {
    mapmovestart: mapMoveStartEvent,
    mapmoveend: mapMoveEndEvent,
    mapzoomchange: function (e) {


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    Re: MH5 Framework (Listener Function): Lumia 920 Pinch to zoom + Panning issue


    we've tried to reproduce your issue on m.here.com on Lumia 920 but we couldn't. Can you please double check your callback execution? If an exception happens inside the callback or its execution takes too long unexpected side effects could happen.


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