My Qt used to work perfectly and I could create apps that ran fine and could be submitted to Nokia developer, but one day they said my new app's icon does not launch the app. I then tested it on my device and when I click on the icon the loading circle comes up for a while and then nothing happens. My apps do run once after deploying them with Qt ceator. I tried quite a few things with "DEBUGABLE" and "DEBUGABLE_UDEBONLY" but they did not help. I have now downloaded the latest Qt SDK and completely reinstalled it and removed the old setting but even when I just create a new Qt Quick application without modifying it the icon will not do anything.

Has this happened to you, what am I doing wrong?

PS. I am trying to develop on my new 808 PureView with Belle FP2, I used to develop on my N8 if that makes a difference. I also tried compiling the default app on another machine but it also had the strange icon.