I have a problem developing an application using web service on Nokia 701 with j2me. The web service client on the phone works fine. I can send and receive data, but I turned the webservice on the server off for some testing reasons. After a web service client call I got from the j2me application an exception as expected. After a few more calls the connection of the phone does not work anymore. The indicators on the top of the phone show full network connectivity but even if I exit the application I cannot receive or make outgoing calls. The internet browser also does not work. The only way out is to reboot the phone.
I tried it on several Nokia 701 Phones with and without fp1.
The code looks like this and is running in an own thread:
private StringItem si;
public void run() {
try {
Hello_Stub service;
service = new Hello_Stub();
String msg = service.getHello(name);
si.setText("Message Receive: " + msg);
} catch (Exception exception) {//some text}

Any ideas?