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    Series 40 Java doc & examples survey winners announced

    We have now selected the winners of the Series 40 Java doc & examples survey. Congratulations to all of you!

    The following 3 winners will be sent a Nokia Asha 311:
    - Ray Rizaldy, rayrizaldy
    - Adrian Stoicuta, Adi.Stoicuta
    - Shai Ifrach, shaii

    We have also awarded Nokia Asha 303 devices to the developers below:
    - Marcelo Barros de Almeida, marcelobarrosalmeida
    - John Paul, polturtle
    - Rahul Vala, rahulvala
    - Andrew Njeru, lodozi

    Thank you to all who contributed – while our seven winners provided particularly detailed and helpful responses, almost all entries were useful and will help us to improve our offering and better focus our efforts.

    A few words about the feedback itself.

    In total, there were around 30 completed survey responses. Most of the very detailed input concerning each specific resource have been delivered to the content owners, and have been either been already taken into account, or will be in the coming updates.

    Without going into great details here are some notes and excerpt from the responses of more generic nature.
    * Wish for more examples, especially lots of smaller (short and simple) single task / feature driven examples – this was the single most mentioned feedback item
    * Wishes for improvements for libraries navigation, structure, search and table of contest (TOC) functionality
    * More cloud services / SoMe (Twitter/Facebook) integration examples
    * More (non-games) examples with cool UIs
    * Feedback button on the example apps itself
    * Source code cross-referencer
    * Video tutorials

    Out of the examples there was one voted with significant margin as the most useful, namely Series 40 UI Component Demos
    Here is the full Top 10: (3 points for most useful rated, 2 points for second, 1 point for third)
    1. Series 40 UI Component Demos
    2. WeatherApp
    3. TouristAttractions
    4. Tic-Tac-Toe over Sockets
    5. Picasa Viewer
    6. Simple In-App Purchase Flow on Series 40
    7. In-Application Purchase Product Catalog
    8. aMaze
    9. Frozen Bubble
    10. Explonoid

    As note, the LWUIT examples, such LWUIT Tourist Attractions and LWUIT Slide Puzzle were asked to be rated separately in the survey together with other LWUIT (Lightweight UI Toolkit) for Series 40 questions, and were not included in the most useful examples selection.

    Thank you,
    Nokia Developer Documentation
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