I try to port my existing project (developed based on S60 3rd FP2 ) to the latest Symbian Belle FP1. Then I find some functions are not working in Symbian Belle. Not sure if Nokia has block these for security reason or why, e.g. AT command doesn't work at all. I tried to search in this forum but I don't find any useful information.

One of my biggest issue now is that APS (audio proxy server) doesn't work on Symbian Belle anymore. I can install the APS example program on Nokia 700, it seems working, no crash no error, but it just cannot play audio uplink into a ongoing call !! If there is no error... how am I suppose to debug? It feels Nokia has blocked this function from the lower layer, but I am not sure.

Is there absolutely no solution in Symbian Belle to achieve playing audio uplink to a ongoing call???