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    Porting meego harmattan to symbian

    Hello.We already develop an app for harmattan that already published in nokia store.We decided to port the app to symbian platform.But the problem is the app wont display anything when opened.We manage to compile it but when tested on c7 device,the app just display blank and empty screenwhen open the app..We already do some modification to qml and rewrite the ui so it complies with symbian ui .The pro. file also already been define with symbian specific qt.The phone also already installed with all latest qt component and qt related.So what do we miss.There also lack of documentation on porting app from harmattan to symbian that could help

    # Add more folders to ship with the application, here
    folder_01.source = qml/xxxxxxx
    folder_01.target = qml
    # Additional import path used to resolve QML modules in Creator's code model
    symbian:TARGET.UID3 = 0xE30E7865
    # Smart Installer package's UID
    # This UID is from the protected range and therefore the package will
    # fail to install if self-signed. By default qmake uses the unprotected
    # range value if unprotected UID is defined for the application and
    # 0x2002CCCF value if protected UID is given to the application
    #symbian:DEPLOYMENT.installer_header = 0x2002CCCF
    # Allow network access on Symbian
    symbian:TARGET.CAPABILITY += NetworkServices
    # If your application uses the Qt Mobility libraries, uncomment the following
    # lines and add the respective components to the MOBILITY variable.
    # CONFIG += mobility
    # MOBILITY +=
    # Speed up launching on MeeGo/Harmattan when using applauncherd daemon
    CONFIG += qdeclarative-boostable
    # Add dependency to Symbian components
     CONFIG += qt-components
    # The .cpp file which was generated for your project. Feel free to hack it.
    SOURCES += main.cpp
    # Please do not modify the following two lines. Required for deployment.
    OTHER_FILES += \
        qtc_packaging/debian_harmattan/rules \
        qtc_packaging/debian_harmattan/README \
        qtc_packaging/debian_harmattan/manifest.aegis \
        qtc_packaging/debian_harmattan/copyright \
        qtc_packaging/debian_harmattan/control \
        qtc_packaging/debian_harmattan/compat \
    RESOURCES += \

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    Re: Porting meego harmattan to symbian

    One thing you can try is , create a new symbian Qt(Qtquick) app , copy the files(qml etc of existing project) to that project , then try building the project.

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    Re: Porting meego harmattan to symbian

    I already copy the project and rewrite the pro. file specifically for symbian platform and yet the same issue still happen.Guess there must be something wrong in the qml.Back to the desk

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    Re: Porting meego harmattan to symbian

    Ok, then try creating a new sample project(let say, add a qml to it & write the same code of launching it as you wrote in your project), compile it & install the resulting sis file in the device & see if the same behavior is with that sample app also.

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