I just saw that Nokia posted a STL file for the 820, and I want to say thank you for such a bold move! Currently im in development of designer 3D printed cases for the (don't kill me!) HTC 8X. I got the 8X since I am with Tmobile and it was the only high end option for me, so its what I have. It took me WEEKS to model the phone into 3D so I can start making cases for it, but the results are rather nice.

Now that the 820 STL file was released, I plan on offering the same thing for the 820, but I also want to offer it for the 920. I currently have a display "dummy" phone on order, but having the STL file will save me WEEKS and a lot of money. Im a garage developer and don't have a budget for a 3D scanner or a lot of prototypes.

You can see all my case designs at http://www.gibbageart.com/case/htc-8x-custom-case/ and I plan to offer them at www.shapeways.com or other 3D printers.