Thanks to John Kneeland, Fred Patton and Hamish Willee for their work on this!

For those who don't know me, I'm a Nokia Developer Champion and Ambassador living near Dallas, Texas. We have thriving communities of software developers and makers interested in Nokia's Lumia products. My (part time) job and personal mission is to ramp that up.

I will be supporting the 3D printing efforts in general with sample projects, tutorials and other resources, but closer to home I will work with local communities to get them fully engaged.

One plan is to put together a Nokia-branded hackathon I'm calling Nokiathon. The original goal focused on mobile software (Windows Phone) but after seeing hardware projects at the recent AT&T Developer Hackathon in Las Vegas, and with the new 3D printing possibilities, I plan to expand that.

So I will be working with fellow Champions and Ambassadors to develop a plan for Nokiathons with software, hardware and hybrid tracks. I think there are exciting possibilities and hope to hear ideas from the broad community here.

So let's make some cool things happen!

Randall "texrat" Arnold
Nokia Developer Ambassador