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    Starting a closed Apllication On SMS Trigger.


    I am developing an application in which on receiving particular keyword from server i want to Start the application.

    I am able to do the same when Application is running in background.

    But how can we perform this if Application is closed?

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    Re: Starting a closed Apllication On SMS Trigger.

    One way of achieving this is using a console exe which would receive the data from server & checks for that particular keyword.If keyword is there then launch the main exe(means your UI app).

    Also pls start discussions in the related section(which is Symbian C++ here), which i do not think you aren't aware about.

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    Re: Starting a closed Apllication On SMS Trigger.

    If user action is preferred, BIO messaging can also help: a BIO parser gets the message when a user tries to open it.
    As platform is not specified, the Push Registry if Java ME is also worth mentioning.

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