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    Lightbulb i.materialise's experience with 820

    We are reposting this comment by i.materialise (from the wiki) because we thought it might be useful.

    First of all: thank you Nokia for embracing additive manufacturing or '3D printing' & joining the 3D printing revolution. i.materialise, part of Materialise, is intrigued by this action. That's why we have put our knowledge and engineering skills to help this file being 3D printable, customizable ánd functional. We have printed tests with various 3D printers (in various materials) and saw some points of improvements. You can read about it on our blog: http://i.materialise.com/blog/entry/...-piece-of-cake

    In the following days we will deliver improved files for different printers so people can print their own shell with functional buttons etc..
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