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    discover/here is returning an empty list


    When using the REST API, it seems that discover/here sometimes returns an empty list while discover/explore for the same coordinates return a list. Could someone explain why this is the case? Is it expected? Should I rather use explore than here?

    As an example (replace the app_id and app_code with your own values), this returns a list of places:

    This returns an empty list:


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    Re: discover/here is returning an empty list

    Places API provides three different resources that try to answer three different user questions:

    explore: "what's popular nearby?"
    here: "where am I?"
    around (still experimental): "what places are around me?"

    Based on that "here" only returns places very close to the search center. "explore" and "around" instead takes by default a much larger search readius into account, but have a fundamental difference how certain place attributes influence the ranking. (much simplified: "explore" uses primarily popularity; for "around" the distance weights much more)

    You should choose the resource that best fits the use case your app wants to support.

    Hope that helps,
    Andreas Schmidt
    Nokia Places API

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