What is the best way to emulate mobile browser. I want to open http://mycomputer.intra/myApp
(Or http://www.google.com/ )

I want to test a service side application, if it works with S40 phones.

Nokia SDK 2.0 for Java has a browser, but looks like it is not supporting javascript among other things.
It even interprets <nosript></nosript> tags (!!).I assume S40 devices such as Asha series do support javascript?

I have installed Nokia Web Tools. They look like tools for creating installable web application.

I have runned WebSDKSimulator.exe, but I an not able to open any url, since the location button is greyd out.

If truly the only way to test, by opening the application under development to public internet and
use real device. ( I assume WLAN does not work, since it is proxy browser.)