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    symbian system files like keypad light

    i need to know where is the settings saved.i mean camera settings,light,keypad light.

    What is cenrep.
    I see that 1084ab.txt or any other files are have the settings.
    This file is included in 'CAMERA SOUND OFF' app. Here is that app sunilwap.tk/site_44.xhtml

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    Re: symbian system files like keypad light

    cenrep is Central Repository, somewhat similar to Registry in Windows, just it has two levels (repository id and keys of various types inside the repositories), no tree structure. centralrepository.h is the header, CRepository is the class.
    For system applications you can find many keys documented in the ex-open source code (symbiandump project on SourceForge), and some of them are also documented in the Wiki of this site.

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