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Please explain the ' single .pkg' a little more:
What UID3 do I put to SDL DLL? The same with my game or another one?
Some UID, which is assigned to you by Nokia Publish, and you do not use it to anything else. As I remember initially you get 5 UID-s from Nokia Publish. You can use the first one as UID for your .exe, and you can re-use it as PkgUID. And you can use the second one for SDL.
Do I put UID2: 0x1000008d ?
UID2 identifies the subtype of your file, like static dll. You should keep it 0x1000008d.
If I put a different UID3 than the actual game what happens in the Nokia Signing?
It will work.
Did they sign both of them or an error occurs because in each game I declare a UID3 in the Ovi Store details.
They are expected to sign the whole package. When providing the AppUID, provide the UID of your executable.
If I declare the games UID3 how do they find the DLLs UID3?
That is just fine as long as the UID of the .dll is also assigned to you.