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    Anybody still here? Just a bit of a rant

    I'm a dev that's been in the Store for almost 3 years now. I wasn't very active last year (just a few cosmetic updates here and there) still I've got 5 Java games in the Store that are still selling a bit. Last week their certificate expired so I decided to re-upload their unsigned, but otherwise identical versions back to the Store and request Nokia to sign them.

    All of them failed QA for various funky reasons! Mind you, those are the games that have been in the Store for 3 years now and have passed QA some 20 times each. The reasons:

    - one does not have Vendor's name in its 'About' screen (supposedly that's a Java Verified requirement, well yes - it only has the app name and version name there)
    - another supposedly 'requires download of additional files after installation on S40 5th FP1' which 'needs to be documented with the user in the app's metadata' (I have no idea what the reviewer is talking about, I certainly do not download any additional files, maybe on S40 some libraries are missing? )
    - another supposedly 'gathers user's private information' and 'does not provide privacy policy' ( reviewers explanation: 'upon finishing a level we are required to log in to send our highscore to a leaderboard') This is a total misunderstanding. Upon finishing a level the user indeed HAS AN OPTION to upload his score to a leaderboard, and the first time he does it, he has to choose some string, any string like for example '123', to appear in the highscores list. How is that 'gathering user's private information' ?
    - things get even more interesting: I've also got a free version of the last app (the only difference is that this one lets you play only a few first levels) and this one passed QA, even though it 'gathers user's private information' in exactly the same way like the failed one does.
    - another one crashes on Nokia 500 5th Edition and Anna (it does not on Nokia 500 Belle or anywhere else). This is Nokia's fault (earlier firmwares had a corrupt M3G library) but earlier reviewers simply failed it on that one device and let everything else go. This one simply failed everything outright and I have to resubmit the whole thing.

    In short, now they've got some pretty bored, picky mothershaggers sitting there throwing the book at you. Gosh!
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