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    LWUIT S40 Dialog issue

    The guidelines specify that when a dialog is on, the background, including status bar, header bar, category bar, must be dimmed – 60% black.

    I think that this will happen automatically, but it doesn't.

    Anybody knows a way to do that? To dim the header bar and the category bar, like this capture (which is an lcdui alert)



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    Re: LWUIT S40 Dialog issue

    You can paint a translucent full screen size image - i.e. blank white image with 40% transparency on your current form and then call the dialog to display.... thou it should happen on it own... check the LWUIT demo... run it on different devices.
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    Re: LWUIT S40 Dialog issue

    I don't find a way to do what you suggest. The category bar element and the header title don't get painted. I look so many examples but they don't follow this guideline too.


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    Re: LWUIT S40 Dialog issue

    It is very good to read that guidelines. They help us Java developer to improve our apps. These guides help to look more native. And being more native means being more common to a user. And that means, the user feels more comfortable. However, do not take those guides too literally as these are „platform guidelines“ which are for internal staff/apps as well. They are a guide and direction. If something mentioned does not happen automatically, then you found a implementation bug in LCDUI – in 88% of the cases. Or said differently: I see no solution for your issue, either.

    If you are still unsure, check the UI Component Demo or try LWUIT.
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    Re: LWUIT S40 Dialog issue

    has anyone got a solution for this issue? Graphics can not paint image to status and header bar area, it only paints content area.

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