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    Implicit list click

     Image images[];        
              // Create array of corresponding string objects                                                
              String options[] ;          
              Vector v = new Vector();
              WebService.getTop20(v, 1);
              images = new Image[v.size()];
              options = new String[v.size()];
              int i = 0;
              while(i < v.size())
            	  Song fo = (Song)v.elementAt(i);
            	  options[i] = fo.getSongName();
            	  images[i] =  Image.createImage(fo.albumCover, 0, fo.albumCover.length);
              // Create list using arrays, add commands, listen for events
              List lsDocument = new List("Top 20:", 
                                     List.IMPLICIT, options, images);

    from webservice, i get and present both songname and the albumcover in a list.
    I want to know, how can i detect the click of a row item...and what item i did it?
    whether from the command options or detect if i click on the row

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    Re: Implicit list click

    List.IMPLICIT plus Command.ITEM are somewhat broken in Series 40. You are able to fetch List.SELECT_COMMAND if you have s single (default) Command.ITEM for each item. But if you think about several Command.ITEMs, that does not work anymore. I redesigned my user interface as described here …

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