Congratulations to Vineet Jain (vineet.jain), our Poster of the Month for January!

The Nokia Developer Discussion Boards Poster of the Month is awarded based on the quality, camaraderie and to some small extent the quantity of discussion board responses as judged by the Nokia Developer Moderators. Vineet is one of our top posters every month and is eminently deserving of this award based on the above criteria (he has been one of our top posters for years, winning POM for the first time in January last year).

Vineet will be sent a high-end Nokia device (in this case a brand new Lumia 820 "developer device"). Please join me in congratulate him on this awesome achievement (... again!)




PS For anyone else interested in being POM, remember that we select a new person for this award every month. If your answers are helpful you don't need that many - Vineet only responded to an average of about 2 questions a day this month.

In addition to receiving a high end Nokia device POM winners are considered in Champion selection rounds and gain the respect of their peers. It also looks pretty good on your resume!