I'm trying to do Native image/video capture on a Windows Phone 8, and I'm having trouble with the AudioVideoCaptureDevice interface. I am mostly following this approach from the developer wiki. I want to create an app that can take in a sample stream, (by passing in an `ICameraCaptureSampleSink`) but when I call `StartRecordingToSinkAsync()`, everything is fine for the first few (<10) frames, and then my Sink stops getting called. What's more, if I try to stop by calling `StopRecordingToSinkAsync()` my program hangs indefinitely there. If I kill the app and try to start it up again, any camera-based API calls I try to make never return. I have to restart my phone (Lumia 920) to get it to respond to camera APIs again.

This only happens when capturing at 1080p (full) resolution, I can capture at any other resolution and it works just fine, it's only at 1080p that things break down. Can anyone help me figure out what's going wrong? As a test, I confirmed that the same thing happens to the wiki sample if you change `captureDimensions` to reflect 1080p. Here is a gist with the changed `NativeCameraInterface.cpp`, where you can see the "Full!" output stops being sent after a few frames when performing native debugging.