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    lwuit ContextMenu issue

    I have a crash, when I direct use ContexMenu.

    at com.nokia.lwuit.components.ContextMenu.paintArrow(ContextMenu.java:93)
    at com.nokia.lwuit.components.ContextMenu.paint(ContextMenu.java:81)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Component.paintInternalImpl(Component.java:939)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Component.paintInternal(Component.java:914)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Component.paintInternal(Component.java:885)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Component.paintComponent(Component.java:1111)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Component.paintComponent(Component.java:1064)
    at com.sun.lwuit.impl.LWUITImplementation.paintDirty(LWUITImplementation.java:274)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Display.edtLoopImpl(Display.java:890)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Display.invokeAndBlock(Display.java:1047)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Display.invokeAndBlock(Display.java:1070)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Form.showModal(Form.java:1406)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Dialog.showModal(Dialog.java:1127)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Dialog.show(Dialog.java:544)
    at com.nokia.lwuit.components.ContextMenu.showImpl(ContextMenu.java:174)
    at com.nokia.lwuit.components.ContextMenu.show(ContextMenu.java:110)

    when I give an arrow icon constant named ContextMenuArrowLeftImage。 there is gap between arrow and menu . Can anyone show me how to fix it. Thanks very much

    Sometimes the menu background disappeared, Can anyone fix this issue. Thanks very much
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    Re: lwuit ContextMenu issue

    Is must be throwing some exception when going to crash. Try to debug using the IDE and see what the actual reason for the crash is.

    This is one sample for using the context menu:
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    Re: lwuit ContextMenu issue

    Thanks for your replay. I use the ContextMenu the same way as the ContextMenu demo. The actual reason is the lwuit lib 0.91 doesn't contain the arrow resource,And the Exception is thrown by lwuit lib. As I said,when I give a Arrow png to solve the exception, there is gap bewteen arrow and menu items. So I wish the lwuit future update will contain the arrow resource and paint perfect. Thanks

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    Re: lwuit ContextMenu issue

    Maybe just use the lcdui context menu style is better

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