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    lwuit ContextMenu issue

    I have a crash, when I direct use ContexMenu.

    at com.nokia.lwuit.components.ContextMenu.paintArrow(ContextMenu.java:93)
    at com.nokia.lwuit.components.ContextMenu.paint(ContextMenu.java:81)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Component.paintInternalImpl(Component.java:939)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Component.paintInternal(Component.java:914)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Component.paintInternal(Component.java:885)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Component.paintComponent(Component.java:1111)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Component.paintComponent(Component.java:1064)
    at com.sun.lwuit.impl.LWUITImplementation.paintDirty(LWUITImplementation.java:274)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Display.edtLoopImpl(Display.java:890)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Display.invokeAndBlock(Display.java:1047)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Display.invokeAndBlock(Display.java:1070)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Form.showModal(Form.java:1406)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Dialog.showModal(Dialog.java:1127)
    at com.sun.lwuit.Dialog.show(Dialog.java:544)
    at com.nokia.lwuit.components.ContextMenu.showImpl(ContextMenu.java:174)
    at com.nokia.lwuit.components.ContextMenu.show(ContextMenu.java:110)

    when I give an arrow icon constant named ContextMenuArrowLeftImage。 there is gap between arrow and menu . Can anyone show me how to fix it. Thanks very much

    Sometimes the menu background disappeared, Can anyone fix this issue. Thanks very much
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